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From Upcycling Thrifted Tee’s Into Newborn Hats, To Widely Adored Baby and Kid Brand – Meet Amy Richardson-Golia, Creator Of June & January

For those of us who understand what the term ‘nesting’ means, I’m about to share the story of one woman who took it to the next level. When you were pregnant, do you remember what you did? You may have been working up until your due date like a lot of women I know, you might have been making space in your home (or moving into a new home!), getting all the baby supplies you’ll be needing, or just trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in every night. I was certainly getting a little restless and anxious about it but I had no ambition other than to just get through it. This eventual founder of a well-known baby and kids brand, did something unique with her pregnancy time – she started sewing new-born hats out of hip thrifted T-shirts for her not-yet-born son and friends.

In the winter 2010 during her first pregnancy, designer Amy Richardson-Golia started a side project from her kitchen table in a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, which quickly grew into the now widely adored baby and kid brand known as June & January (formerly Little Hip Squeaks).


Total #bossmom photo. Courtesy of June & January


Photo courtesy of June & January

With a background in graphic design, Amy started June & January by digitally designing printed fabrics for hats and blankets – and shortly thereafter, launched an Etsy shop selling the wares. Within 8 months, the small business became a full-time career and grew to add “two ridiculously awesome employees”. After more than 5500 sales on Etsy, June & January launched their own e-commerce site, added additional members to their team, overhauled production methods and expanded their line of products. In June of 2015, the company re-branded from Little Hip Squeaks to June & January, which references to the birth months of Amy’s two children.

Today, the brand operates under their philosophy of “kids are fun, and their clothes should be, too!” As a modern apparel and lifestyle brand for babies and kids, Amy aims to bring quality, stylish and affordable essentials to trend-setting, hip kids (and their moms) in bright colors, bold prints and soft cotton blends. The company looks to expand in the future with new products and offerings, a wider range of sizes, and collaborations with brands outside of the children/baby space.


Photo courtesy of June & January

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Photo Courtesy of June & January


Photo courtesy of June and January

It was so cool of Amy to take time from her busy life to do this interview before mother’s day. It was awesome. Exactly what I would expect from a Brooklynite!

It’s so interesting to learn how each mom/entrepreneur gets started and how things have changed with their businesses over time. What was it like to ‘get started’ in the midst of being a new mom?

I am not a “relaxer” by nature, so the idea that I was going to be “sleeping when the baby sleeps” was a total joke; I took that time and used it to sew and play on Etsy, as well as study SEO and read marketing articles. I tend to work best when there’s a thousand plates in the air, and this was no different.

Whats your mantra for balancing both work and family?

Quality over quantity. Even if I’m not “on the clock” work and the business are really always on my mind and part of my daily activities — so I make sure that I set specific times aside to completely enjoy my family without my phone in my hand. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking my daughter to the park for 20 minutes and leaving my phone at home, and sometimes it’s taking a weekend trip to the beach and not bringing a laptop.

Your current collection is so adorable, what should we expect next?

We’re launching a new nursery collection this summer, starting with Crib Sheets, Change Pad Covers and Hooded Towels. There are so many exciting things we have in the works across the board, but branching out from apparel seemed like the next evolution for the brand.

Entrepreneurship might not be for everyone, but what encouragement would you like to give to other moms?

Don’t compare yourselves to what others are doing — think about your own goals and find what mini steps you need to get there. That goes for business, and motherhood.

Lastly what is it you REALLY want for mother’s day?

Jeni’s Brambleberry Crisp (aka best ice cream in the world) and a Draft Latte (aka best coffee in the world). I got both. 😉

Tableside_MG_8681 DeskShot2_MG_8651

This woman definitely deserves a good helping of ice cream and coffee on mother’s day. I’m glad she did! And from the sounds of it, I’d be tempted to have it every day 😉 Thank you so much for sharing your insights with us Amy!

June & January is currently based in Brooklyn, New York where Amy resides with her husband and two children. If you’d like to learn more about upcoming sales and exciting new happenings from June & January here’s the place to do so:


Instagram @juneandjanuary


What an awesome pic! Photo courtesy of June & January

And that wraps up my mother’s day Creators&Curators series! It was such a pleasure to interview and share these women’s stories. It’s definitely been inspirational for me and what I plan to take with me on my own journey. Much love and success to you ladies!

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