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What’s It like To Be A Full Time Mom Who’s Trying To Re-Invent Her Own Career Path

There’s no shortage of examples of what I’m about to say. I’ve written and interviewed a number of women who fit the description in my title. They’ve been a source of inspiration for me. But today I’m going to share my own personal side of the story (a small rant) and how I’ve been trying to carve out a new career for myself while being a full-time mom.

Many people might start with a few assumptions about being a blogger. But people in the business know the truth. First off, it’s a business. And like any business trying to get off the ground, it’s tough. I think I can relate to other entrepreneurs because I feel the pressures of selling something you believe in to a crowd or not even a crowd of people who don’t get it. You face a lot of negativity especially in the beginning because your hopes are so high. Add to the fact that you’ve got another full time job (24 hour one in fact), being a mom and home maker.  If you don’t possess some degree of determination and perseverance, you’re not very likely to succeed.

So I tell myself, there’s only two options…to slowly give up, or to keep grinding away at it.  And there will definitely be temptations to quit and it will hurt and anger you. But you know deep inside that when you’re trying to do what it takes to meet your goal, you’re not going to quit. I’ve gotten rather general but I guess it applies to many things. For me, blogging has been a great test of my endurance so far and I don’t plan to stop challenging myself. The biggest gift you can give yourself to succeed, is to believe in yourself. That’s my mantra.

Thanks for reading. It’s not the same as a full featured story obviously. I’ve been home the past 48 hours with a sick but still very active toddler. But I thought this was a very important thing to share, at least for myself during times like this. And I know so many other tired working mammas can relate. We’re all trying to get that extra bit of work in before bed, not having showered, and just really need that glass of wine! So where ever you are tonight, I’m lifting up my imaginary glass of wine and giving a cheers to you for rocking it. You’re awesome.

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