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My Favorite Place To Get Chinese Egg Tarts In Millbrae

Honey Berry

If you’re a local, you’ve probably heard of this place. But if you’re visiting the Bay Area and happen to be hanging out at the Peninsula for the first time visiting friends or family, its worth stopping by here for some good old classic Chinese egg tarts that you can take to go. Kids love them!

Growing up in Hong Kong, one of my favorite desserts/treats that you can get from your local bakery or dim sum restaurant are egg tarts. They’re primarily made of flour and beaten egg. And Honey Berry is my go to place for egg tarts as a weekend treat, breakfast or dessert to bring over to a friends house for a special occasion. The whole reason why I found Honey Berry was for their roti buns (which i’ll save for another post) which are absolutely delicious. I soon learned they also sold egg tarts and Portuguese egg tarts. Its my go to place because my son enjoys roti buns and I enjoy egg tarts! They also sell other dessert treats like boba milk tea, gelato and even set lunches.

Cup/Plate: Buddy + Bear,  Egg Tarts: Honey Berry

My son wouldn’t let me shoot the rest of the egg tarts in the box!

So if you’re ever in the area looking for some good old egg tarts, stop by Honey Berry! Where’s your go to place to get your favorite asian desserts, either for kids or for yourself?

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