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Galentine’s Day Is…

A thing. Things sure have changed and I like it. A few years ago, Valentines Day was a day to be celebrated by couples (lovers for the most part), but this year I was introduced to Galentine’s Day, a holiday that Amy Poehler’s Parks and Rec character Leslie Knope created that occurs every year on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. As Leslie herself explains on the show:

“Oh, it’s only the best day of the year.Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.”

I loved that. And I think this sudden new wave of feminism; the women’s march and women’s issues in politics, brought a timeliness to Galentine’s Day and to celebrating gal pals and girl power. I swear it was a bigger deal than actual Valentine’s day to the dismay of my poor husband. Say good bye to traditional notions of V-Day, and welcome the best day of the year!

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This year, I was invited to my first Galentine’s Day Party and it really did live up to what it was meant to represent. It was hosted by savvy mom and maker Crystal Carabajal, Founder of Little Bunches at her home. By the way, I have never ‘met’ Crystal in person but we had met online through a social media group I was a part of. I know what you’re thinking, “Are you crazy???” Yes, this person could have been fraud or insert other shady entity here ________, but I was able to get confirmation from another friend who actually knew her and was going to the same event as me. So this time, I got lucky. She was legit. The social media/blogger world here in the Bay Area really is a small world. I’ve included an interview with Crystal below and links to how she created the entire Galentine’s Day event.

The Galentine’s Day Dinner Party

It was hosted last week and I was the volunteer photographer for the event. I was so nervous about taking good photos, but Crystal was very reassuring about it all which lessened the pressure. It was fun and beautifully organized by Crystal and the other ladies who helped her out (I’ll be tagging them in the photos below). Just look at the details below! Great decor which she did DIY, delicious dinner (she cooked it all herself!), entertaining activities (think bridal showers rather than bachelorette) for a bunch of us gals who were mostly strangers to one another. We ended up forming new connections and had a lot of fun sans kids and husbands.

Find out how to create your own Galentine’s Day from Crystal. Link Below.

Learn how to create your own heart wreath from Crystal. Link Below. Flowers by @lovemerai

Organic cotton swaddles by @littlebunches

Crystal’s home! Photo Credit: Crystal Carabajal Rugs: @SFrugs

Interview with Crystal Carabajal, Founder of Little Bunches.


The Hostess – Crystal Carabajal, Founder of Little Bunches

What is Little Bunches?

It’s a small online shop that I started 4 years ago. I designed a Diaper Clutch that includes a wipe bag, changing pad and clutch. I also have designed some swaddles that I absolutely adore.

What inspired you to start Little Bunches?

When I had my first son, I got inspired to make a convenient item for me to use in taking my little one for diaper changes.  I needed a quick bag that I could also include my own personal items like phone, money and keys. That’s why I created the Diaper Clutch set.

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What has been challenging about starting your own store? What got you through it?

It was a challenge for me to create my own website aside from my etsy shop. It all just seemed so difficult for me because I had never created one. But once I got started and did my own research I found a platform that made it so easy for me. I learned not to make quick decisions and always weigh out my options to see what works best.

How do you maintain a balance between work and everything else?

It’s actually still a learning process. I have 2 little boys that need my attention at all times. To make it easier for me I’ve chosen not to attempt working such as answering emails, packaging, shipping, etc while I’m with them. Instead, I have a babysitter that watches them 10 hours a week and that helps me get things done for efficiently and quicker.

Thank you for doing this interview and for hosting such a fun dinner for us gals (we barely knew each other!). We took home so much from that night, including new friendships. For ideas on how to create your own Galentine’s Day Dinner with the girl friends in your life, check out Crystal’s blog. She also included step by step instructions on how her friend Ismerai created the floral heart arrangement.

Have you celebrated Galentine’s Day before? What were some of your themes/ideas? Share them below!




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