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My Favorite Paperless Post Designers For Cards and Invitations

I just missed my friend’s baby shower down in LA and I’m bummed. I have to make it up to her some how. Being miles apart, having a kid, trying to figure out life… doesn’t make it any easier. Sometimes I don’t even have time to go pick up a gift and mail it. Yes, I’m one of those horrible procrastinating friends. Which is why I’m sort of thankful for what technology can do for us. It got me thinking about Paperless Post.

Incase you didn’t know, Paperless Post is an e-card platform. You can send baby shower/wedding invitations, birthday cards, thank you cards and just about any card you can think of for any occasion. You just send a card at the click of a button. And what sets Paperless Post apart from other e-card services, is their emphasis on thoughtful and attractive designs. They look hand crafted, except they’re virtual (They also do paper cards too)!

And I just learned that they had an extensive designer collection including some well known names like Oscar De La Renta and Kate Spade. So I thought I’d do a post on my favorite Paperless Post Designers just incase you were wondering! 😉

The easiest way to do that is via Pinterest ofcourse! Let’s start with my board.


1. Red Cap Cards

No wonder I love this set so much! Owners Hal Mertz and Carrie Gifford seek out independent fine artists to create unique greeting cards. Just a very well curated bunch of well illustrated cards.




2. Pei Designs

Pei’s designs have a very european feel to them. I love the simplicity of the designs.


3. Emily McDowell

I’m a sucker for great looking hand written typography coupled with cute illustrations. More for the everyday people in your life card verses a formal invitation. They’re just super cute!




4. Egg E Press

It’s got an indie quirky aesthetic and they have the cutest little animal cards! Perfect for kid birthday invitations.



5. Ashley G

Ashley G, plays with color in such a way that it looks effortless! She’s not afraid to put certain colors together and it looks so fun!




6. Petite Collage

Finally, a Bay Area local favorite! Lorena Siminovich’s illustrations are inspired by the shapes and textures of wooden children’s toys. Fun fact: I use to work in a factory that put together Petite Collage mobiles in to their packaging! So maybe I’m a little bias 😉




So whether you’re planning a baby shower, birthday or an easter egg hunt, you can send great designer quality cards to invitees by going to Paperless Post and checking out some of these designers!


Hope you enjoyed this fun little post! Just for full disclosure, I collaborated with Paperless Post on this one because I actually really love their products and have used them before. As you can tell, all these designers have a similar feel to them, because they are honestly the kinds of designs I like. All opinions on this post are my own and there are no affiliate links (I don’t make any commission).

Happy Friday! xoxo

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