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The 10 Ways Why I’m Rocking Motherhood Challenge

It’s mid-week through May (where has 2017 gone??) and mother’s day has come and gone. To be honest, although it was a pretty big deal all over social media, it felt much like any other day. It was business like usual. But really, I was fine with that because I’m reminded everyday, like every mom out there, just what motherhood is all about. And don’t let the title of this post fool you into thinking that I’ve got it all figured out. It was actually the title of a challenge with the hashtag #rockingmotherhood circulating through social media, encouraging moms to share ways they’re rocking motherhood.  I was tagged by a new mom friend I met over Instagram @presentfullmama, who happens to also be a therapist. So I thought, sure, why not? At least I’ll finally have another parenting blog post!

It was actually harder to come up with 10 things than I thought! Which is typical for me, since I tend to put myself down about things, but it was a much needed exercise. Get ready for some awkward and (maybe) encouraging self-praise!

1. He’s still alive

Ok, I thought i’d start with the obvious to help ease us into this.

2. I survived.

Ok another obvious one, but can I get a “truth” here? Gotta celebrate the fact that when you thought you were doing a horrible job or didn’t have a clue about what you’re doing, you were able to figure it out and made it through alive! You and your kid(s)!

3. I have an awesome connection with my son.

Sure, he’s a momma’s boy from an early age, and he’s the one clinging to my leg for dear life sometimes. But it just shows that he feels safe and loved. I don’t know how long this phase will last, but I’m cherishing it for as long as I can.

4. I go to sleep knowing that I’ve done my best.

Being a mom also means taking care of all the other things most people without kids can do 10 times more easily. Going to get groceries, cooking, cleaning, using the bathroom, showering etc… Things that make you a functioning adult. And we all know #thestruggleisreal. Oh it’s so real. And there are days when not everything is done, but instead of feeling guilty, I know that the main point is that our main physical and emotional needs are taken care of. The rest of the stuff, is just stuff I really want to get rid of. Anyone else feel me?

5. I shower on average 4-5 a week.

Thats pretty darn good I’ve heard. No shame, no shame.

6. I’ve been blogging for 3 years now!

Yes, I can’t believe I’m still blogging here! I thought I would have given up by now, but here I still am. What has this got to do with motherhood? Well, it has grown with me and my son! Happy 3rd birthday Eat Sleep Play Blog!

7. I’ve grown in so many ways.

Both professionally and personally. Picking up photography has opened up so many opportunities, especially connecting with people I never would have. It fuels the creativity in me. I’ve learned first hand how amazing things can be done when people come together rather than doing it on your own.

8. My relationship with my husband has grown too.

I heard from a sermon this past mother’s day, that you never realized how selfish you were, until you become a parent. And boy, is this true for both of us. We’re both learning to be more thoughtful and giving, while trying to preserve our own needs. There has to be a balance.

9. I feel less alone.

When I first had our son, I was rather isolated. Hardly any one we knew around us had kids. But luckily over time, through social media and my local park, I was able to meet some pretty awesome moms from all walks of life. And I was so relieved to know that they all ‘get it’ (especially my blogger mom friends). I definitely feel like part of a community, even if we haven’t met in person due to us all living all over. It’s been really empowering.

10. I’m learning to ride the waves with less anxiety.

I made it to the end of this list! Which means I’ve proven to myself that I got this. As a new mom, I feel like I’ve ridden some of the toughest seasons. I had anxiety, fear and hopelessness at times. But that has become less and less. Even though I was doing many new things on my own, mastering them, helped me figure out a way to live through them. And yes, I know there will always be new seasons coming up ahead, but I see those waves and I feel more confident that I’ll be able to get through them some how. And thats important for anyone, including my little 4 year old son to realize.

Thanks for reading to the end of this list. Gosh, it was hard to start but it was helpful to reflect! If you’re a new mother or seasoned one, join in on this #rockingmotherhood challenge and share in the comments or post your own post on Facebook or Instagram! I’ll definitely want to read it and I’m sure others would too.




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