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I Found My Soul (And Strength) On A Bike At Soul Cycle San Mateo

This isn’t going to be a long post. I just wanted to let it be known (mostly for myself to look back on this day), that I tried in-door cycling for the first time in my entire life at the brand spanking new Soul Cycle in San Mateo. And I wasn’t alone. 50 something of us packed into that nicely air- conditioned room full of yellow bikes and we ‘rode as one’ to Bey.

It started with an invite to be introduced to Soul Cycle. And basically inviting everyone and anyone I knew. It was my first time organizing anything fitness related, because as my husband will tell you, exercising is not on my list of priorities. I thought i’d be lucky if 5 people signed up with me. That 5 turned out to be 10 times more than I had expected.

How did that happen?

Well I could not have done it without the help of Katherine Chen, (a.k.a @poosekat on instagram) who I had the pleasure of meeting through Jennifer Yco and her red-tricycle post. She brought what seemed like the whole Bay Area community together for this soul-filled ride! Katherine is a Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer (aka fitness guru) and founder of @boobs4food by the way, an organization that helps feed the homeless.  It was really fun riding and sweating it out with such a diverse group of people. I even managed to connect with a few of them afterwards thanks to Kat.

The ride itself was an experience that pushed a newbie like me to new limits I never knew. We had a fabulous instructor: Chris Pepe who chose the perfect song set and had a voice to match – hence you’ve got to take his class. About the time we were reaching the last few minutes of the ride, he put on ‘Halo’ and I literally started crying. It was a such a cathartic moment! lol. They weren’t kidding when they say ‘take your journey, find your soul.’

I can’t explain all that takes place in a class, it would ruin it for you if you’ve never tried it before. All I can say is you’ll ironically walk out feeling stronger mentally. A great way to clear your mind and rock out to some awesome beats. And while it is totally light hearted fun, it is no joke. It is 45 mins of physical intensity! Be prepared to sweat!


Our group of soul riders. Photo by me.

Thank you Soul Cycle for hosting us! See you on the next ride!

Did you know?  Soul Cycle was founded women, led by women and inspired by women!

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