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The Perfect Weekender Bag For Our Hawaii Getaway – The Catalina

Aloha! Starting my extensive blogging about our recent family trip to Hawaii (Big Island) with one of my least favorite topics  – packing. Fortunately I was saved by Lo & Son’s Catalina weekender bag, which almost made me forget we had to bring 4 large suitcases full of my son’s necessities (including a car seat).

I was originally going to use the Catalina weekender bag to pack all of my clothes and belongings, but found an even better use for it during our trip. First I used it as my airplane carry-on with things we needed to bring for our 6 hour plane ride.

I packed:

  • Bottles for juice, water and milk
  • Extra change of clothes for the kiddo
  • Wipes
  • Snacks
  • Jackets for both of us
  • My smaller purse
  • Ipad, charger
  • I could have fit my lap top and camera in there as well, but I decided why torture myself?

It was the perfect bag for our getaway.  Once we got there, I basically turned it into a beach, pool and road trip bag. After using the bag every single day on our trip, I found the Catalina Weekender demonstrated how the crossroads of fashion and functionality can create the paradigm bag that is both useful, and beautiful. The bag is very light, spacious and has an additional hidden compartment for extra packing, particularly for items that don’t need immediate access such as an extra pair of shoes or purses you may want to keep hidden away. Keeping the shoes in that compartment also prevents getting other clothes dirty.


The compartment below can keep shoes away from dirtying clothes, or store more valuable items conspicuously.

Side pockets come in handy for carrying juice containers, sunblock, and other things for easy access.

It doesn’t have too many pockets, it’s main function isn’t to organize things.  So if you’d like an extra level of organization, I highly recommend using packing cubes to divide up your belongings. There is one inside pocket and two outer pockets for keys, phones, sunglasses or other small essentials for easy access.

I usually carry backpacks on trips, but this weekender felt easier than carrying a backpack, which came as a surprise to me. Most of all I was amazed at how much I could fit in there. By the time we got home, we had all sorts of things in there that I didn’t even intend to bring back!

I also wanted to mention that you can get 30% off the Catalina Bag during Lo & Son’s 4th of July sale which ends on 7/4. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re on the look out for a travel bag worthy of your summer vacations!

Disclaimer: This was a sponsored post. I was given the bag from Lo & Sons, but these are all my honest opinions. I absolutely love this travel bag.  There is one amazon affiliate link.  And incase you were wondering, the specs of the bag are as follows:









WEIGHT: 1.7 lbs

PRE-WASHED CANVAS Constructed from a soft yet sturdy 20-oz pre-washed cotton canvas.

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