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My Top 10 Reason’s To Love The Fairmont Orchid

Aloha! Here’s our second post of our Hawaii vacation series. This post is about our hotel accommodations at the Fairmont Orchid Resort.  We really couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay while we were in Hawaii for obvious reasons. So lets get into it!

Plus at the end I’ll be sharing how you can score yourself the best deal to stay at the Fairmont Orchid!

1. The Room View

The room we stayed at during our stay at the Fairmont Orchid was ‘exquisite’. We stayed in a suite which had a ‘sweeping’ view of the golf course from your lanai and a peak of the Pacific Ocean on our left.

The suite had a separate parlor area divided from the main bed room with french doors, a sofa that can turn into a sleeper couch and a dresser with a fridge (no freezer). The bedroom had a powder room/office, which leads to the bathroom, garnished with marble counters and completely marble shower. Gorgeous! Now that as I’m writing this, I should have just done a room tour video or something. Note to self, next time.

Tip: Something we learned only after our trip was to try asking for a (free) room upgrade at check in. You never know!

2. The Bathroom

Ok, I’m giving the bathroom a full bullet point. But trust me it was the best part of our room stay experience. For some reason I couldn’t take a really good shot of the entire bathroom so here’s just a section of it. Note to self, got to practice those interior shots.  In real life, it was gorgeous. Bright marble counters, shower, beautiful and aromatic amenities )which also deserves its own bullet point) are some of the best details. The marble shower was perfection!

3. The Amenities

The bathroom was stocked full of the best hotel shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, bath gel bottles ever. Thank you Fairmont Orchid! They gave us bath salts! Who gives you bath salts???  I just had to do a product photo shoot with some of them. The vanilla diffuser was also in the bathroom which gave it a spa like experience.

4. The Pool

I think the photo says it all. You could sit here all day. The total depth of the pool is 3.5f. There is no kiddie pool but who’s complaining?

5. The Beach

Warm crystal clear water, sandy white beaches, and everything you need to spend the day out in the sun is only a 2 minute walk away from the pool. There are plenty of daily activities for guests and kiddos to do, from snorkeling, canoeing to long-boarding. You’ll also run into many marine friends including fish, manta rays (at night) and turtles. Our son had so much fun here every morning. Afternoon activities for kid included tea-leaf bracelet making and turtle talks. Those were the ones we were able to do after his nap.

Tip: Don’t forget to bring lots of sunscreen! We used ours up!

6. The Spa

Choose from massages, facials or a whole body treatment experience. They call it the #spawithoutwalls because you can have it oceanside or beside a cascading waterfall. The ALI‘I EXPERIENCE is an experience I’ll never forget. The Deets: Oceanside massage, herb body treatment, hot stone and head massage with coconut oil. I’ve never felt so relaxed in my life. I’ll never forget having coconut oil poured over my head. It was simply beautiful. It lived up to its description of being treated like Hawaiian royalty! Plus its the best thing you could do for yourself while your kiddos are down for a nap!

Tip: After your massage, sit in the dry/wet sauna for a few minutes to let the treatment sink in and do more of its work.

7. The Restaurants & Lounge

The food and the ambiance is world class! You’ll love the breakfast buffet which usually has the longest wait time and Brown’s Beach House where you can dine at a table situated right on the beach. The Luana Lounge has the best views of the sunset and the beach other than the beach itself that is! My favorite was listening to live music at the lounge with my son under a pacific island sunset. P.S. They offer kids menus at every restaurant.

Tip: Breakfast buffets usually draw a crowd, so try to get there a little earlier than usual to snag a table. Find out at the bottom of this post how to get your breakfast buffet included in your reservations.

8. The Relaxing Aesthetics

Hotels give me inspiration for #homegoals because they have the perfect aesthetics to put you at ease.


9. The Sunsets Galore

And did I mention the sunsets? Nothing like a tropical ocean sunset to make you feel like the luckiest person on earth. Bliss.

10. The Memories We Created As A Family

I think the person who enjoyed this trip the most was our little boy. And I couldn’t be happier seeing the huge smile on his face every time we went to the beach or when he saw a real volcano for the first time. These memories were priceless!

If you liked this post, our next we will be posting recommendations for where to take your little one’s on an adventure in one day on Big Island and a few of our fave restaurants!

Now, to score yourself the best deal on this resort, go here.

What’s included:

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Disclaimer: This post was not in any way sponsored by any of the parties mentioned above. There are Amazon affiliate links. 



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