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I love clothes, but honestly who has the time and money?

A hack for looking more awake even though you’re dead tired

Answer: Sleep or Coffee. Or try this. If any moms are reading this, you know that when you’re out with a toddler, traveling with a toddler or just at home with a toddler, you’re going to look a little tired, unless you make a real effort (and you’d have to care that you look tired). And since I was traveling with O this week, I thought it might make for a helpful post. In the past, on the occasions I’ve travelled with O, I’ve cared enough to bring a large make-up bag that takes up space and weighs a brick, with a tonne of products that I don’t end up using. And I’ve also not cared at all and just bared it all, make-up free, usually daily, and no one really cares. But some days, I’m just tired of looking tired. So I’ve found a way to care enough, to hide the fact that I’m so tired and look a little more put together. AND I can do this on a daily basis or while I’m traveling with O, because …