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March Giveaway with Bonjour Petit

Hey busy momma’s! I know you’re pretty busy handling a million things that need to get done before you close your eyes tonight. But if you have 5 minutes (maybe while you’re on the toilet?), check out the giveaway announcement video we shot! Hope you enjoyed the video! Again a quick recap of the prize is a Moulin Roty Storybook Torch which comes with 3 disks/slides with pictures that tell a different story! You’ll also get 10% off any item from the store delivered to you inbox. With the torch, you can make up your own narrative to go with the pictures, and the idea is to develop your little one’s imagination and vocabulary through story telling with them. You can ask questions, make it funny, talk about emotions… things you can also do while reading a book, but it sort of breaks the mold of being read to. Best of luck! Eat Sleep Play Blog Bonjour Petit Giveaway Check out my feature story on Bonjour Petit and it’s co-founder Clementine here!

Video: Toddler’s Footwork to Sandstorm

O’s dad created a video montage of O’s fancy footwork. He said that while he was filming these short clips, it looked like O was dancing. So he put them all together and slapped on some music. See what he ended up with here:   I think this will be one video I’d love to go back to whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed. It just cracks me up.