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Be featured on Eat Sleep Play Blog. I’m always looking for the perfect people/brand to feature on my blog. And I usually only write about people, brands or stores that I really enjoy learning about or would interest my readers. Interested individuals or brands can contact me via email or use the form below.

Want to do a guest post for Eat sleep play blog? You have a great post idea, business or passion you’d like to share? You’ve come to the right place! My ideal blog viewer/writer would be a professional woman and/or new stay-at-home, or working moms living in the Bay Area. I try to bring relevant or inspiring content to them, but most of the time, I end up writing about the things that I’m interested in. Blogging and reading other blogs has become a great outlet for me.  I hope it can be the case for you!

How to write for Eat sleep play blog:

Tell me a little about yourself, what your idea of a guest post might be in the form of a few sentences  (5 W’s: who, what, when, where, why) and one writing sample. I’m a very casual writer myself so as long as you can be personal, engaging and share a great topic, that’s what i’m most interested in. We can work on the editing together. You can use the form below or email me at


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