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Galentine’s Day Is…

A thing. Things sure have changed and I like it. A few years ago, Valentines Day was a day to be celebrated by couples (lovers for the most part), but this year I was introduced to Galentine’s Day, a holiday that Amy Poehler’s Parks and Rec character Leslie Knope created that occurs every year on Feb. 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. As Leslie herself explains on the show: “Oh, it’s only the best day of the year.Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.” I loved that. And I think this sudden new wave of feminism; the women’s march and women’s issues in politics, brought a timeliness to Galentine’s Day and to celebrating gal pals and girl power. I swear it was a bigger deal than actual Valentine’s day to the dismay of my poor husband. Say good bye to traditional notions of V-Day, and welcome the …

Travel: Hong Kong

It’s been a week since I came back from Hong Kong, and I’m still not feeling quite like myself. This jet lag has been really rough, because O still hasn’t gotten back to sleeping normally either. But thank goodness he’s gotten a lot better, and I’m just waiting for the day I can live my life in the light of day again! In the mean time I thought I’d do a quick jot down of some of the things we did/ate and places we visited while we were there –  in pictures (for those of you who don’t follow my Instagram)! Sorry this post isn’t going to be that thorough, mostly because I have a hard time remembering exactly what we did!  A bit of a heads up for those of you who don’t have kids yet, if you think our trip was pretty minimal, you’ll know why after you have your first child. Feel free to ask questions in the comments though if you’re interested in anything specific! At the end of this post, …

#365daysofselfcare Day 19: Reach out to someone

“We all need somebody to lean on” Sometimes the best things you can do is to ask for and accept help. This one’s a tough one for me. But like anything else, it just takes getting use to the more you do it. Asking for help can empower you to either take care of yourself or free you up to do something else. It also helps build community. Likewise, another suggestion is to reach out and text someone to see how they’re doing, or to say something affirming to them. Again, it opens up the opportunity to build community and a good support system.  All it takes is one text or phone call. Check out more on my Instagram account @eatsleepplayblog  or join the challenge with the hashtag #365daysofselfcare. I usually post there first!      

#365daysofselfcare Day 16: Take care of your skin

Cold weather, dry climates, heaters, colds, scarves are all headed our way. And it really does a number on your skin. Keep your skin moisturized says every dermatologist on the planet. Make the extra effort this winter – your skin will thank you for it. And don’t forget to hydrate with drinking water too! I’d do this every day/night! I use an organic product: Eminence. Tried the cheap drug store brands and one high end brand in the past, but this works well. It’s a little pricey but a little goes a long way. By my age, its good to invest in some good skin care (if you care about that sort of thing). Check out more on my Instagram account @eatsleepplayblog  or join the challenge with the hashtag #365daysofselfcare. I usually post there first!

#365daysofselfcare Day 15: Vick’s Vapo Rub

I’ve been sick this week with a cold and a cough (got it from O). So it’s a Vick’s Vapo Rub kind of night. Being sick forces you to practice a little self-care. Vick’s really helped O with his coughing at night too. Better than forcing cough syrup on him! Check out more on my Instagram account @eatsleepplayblog  or join the challenge with the hashtag #365daysofselfcare. I usually post there first!

#365daysofselfcare Day 14: Simplify

Today I had an epiphany: Life gets harder the more we pile on and desire. Living more simply cuts out the excess freeing you to put more time, energy and money to the things that are most important and essential to you. Do you know what those things are?   Check out more on my Instagram account @eatsleepplayblog  or join the challenge with the hashtag #365daysofselfcare. I usually post there first!

5 Minute Play Doh Recipe

I’m not a crafty person and DIY’s are just plain time consuming and can get expensive. But sometimes being a mom calls for being creative, especially when it comes to finding activities for their child. So to solve this problem, I created the “Mommy DIY Hacks” section, to compile the easiest DIY hacks I come across, because honestly who has the time? My first hack is a play doh recipe that I picked up from O’s school. I love it because its affordable, it takes no time at all and the ingredients are easily found around the home or at your local Target. Best of all, your toddler or child will really enjoy and get into the process of helping to make it, they’ll like the product, AND have fun playing with it after. Thats value right there. Any busy/working mom can benefit from this low maintenance recipe. What you’ll need: 1/2 cup salt 1/2 cup walter 1 cup of flour Food dye (any color, be creative) Steps: Poor all the ingredients one by one into a bowl – measure out everything …