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Buy Her Bag, Not Her Body

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or paid post. I won’t make any money from this, and no, you don’t have to buy anything. The opinions expressed are solely my own. I’m sharing purely out of interest and convictions. If you’re not interested, please move along. But I hope you stay!  Empowerment. That’s my word of the year. That word could mean many different things for different people. For me, I’m taking what I’ve learned from previous years of being a new mother, blogger, digital marketer, now a ‘brand explorer’ and using it to open doors to new posts, projects and collaborations (Yes, I just coined the term ‘brand explorer’ because I love discovering ventures with fascinating people and stories behind them.) For some women, ’empowerment’ is what drives their very survival. Without further ado, I’d like to kick-off the year of empowerment with sharing about the Nomi Network. What is the Nomi Network? The Nomi Network is a 501(C)(3) organization whose mission is “to create economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking by equipping them with leadership, entrepreneurship, and production skills to become …

Fathers Day 2015

Happy Fathers Day Baba! We survived another year! And while we’re not able to spend this day together, you’re in our hearts and we’re sending you our love. Please know that we appreciate you and we thank you for all that you’ve done for us from afar. We know it’s been tough. You’ll be coming back for good in less than 2 weeks (can you believe it?) and a new chapter awaits us! Get ready….cuz we’re excited! Love and prayers, Mummy and the O-meister.

First Entry

I finally updated this blog to get it to look decent. And i’m now proud to say this is my first entry! It’s sort of like setting up your first rental apartment. You have your bare bones pieces of ikea furniture and you’re somewhat ok with letting your first guests come over to see it. Speaking of setting up apartments. This is a picture of my husband’s apartment in New York while he’s on a 1 year fellowship track with Columbia for Otolaryngology. Like this blog, I set it up so that it’s decent enough to live in, yet alone have guests over. We’re minimal and practical so it’s all about ikea furniture that we mostly bought or found second hand. We’re pretty proud of it. NYC will turn up a lot on this blog, because A. I’m in love with the city, and B. I’ll be spending some time flying over there to catch up with the hubby. We’re doing a long-distance marriage for a year. For those of you contemplating it or in it, this …