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10 Must Have’s for Pumping while Traveling

Trying something new today! Tonight on the blog is guest editor, Taryn Kutches, co-founder of Parker Design, sharing her tips on pumping while traveling. A must read if you’re a new mom returning to work from maternity, travel for work or just want to get away for the weekend. I know a lot of you just entering that stage of returning to work, so I thought this might be helpful. I for one felt the struggle the first year of nursing with my son, so it turned out pumping became a regular part of my life, as it is for many of you. These tips will be life-savers, trust me! So here’s Taryn!: Are you nervous about keeping up nursing while you are away from your little one for a few days? Don’t worry, I’ve been there too. I was determined to nurse my little girl for a year. After weeks of struggles in the beginning, we finally got the hang of it and we ended up making it to our goal, but boy did I ever under estimate …

17 Tips On Starting Your Own Business From 9 Women Who Did It.

Today’s post was inspired by some real questions I had a few years ago when I started my blog and still continue to ask today as I start a new freelancing career. How do you start your own business? And what does it take to become successful? The funny thing is, I never asked anyone for advice on how to start my own business. I googled, I tried things, and did my research, but I never actually talked to anyone about how to start one. So I finally did. I asked nine talented female entrepreneurs in the decor, kids and fashion space, about THE best things they did when starting their own businesses. And what I learned was absolutely golden and not to mention diverse. All of them are truly inspiring and I’m so fortunate to have crossed paths with them, whether in person or on Instagram. If you’re thinking about making that leap, get ready because you’re about to get proven, solid advice on how to successfully start and grow your business from nine different women who did it. Decor …

#365daysofselfcare Day 19: Reach out to someone

“We all need somebody to lean on” Sometimes the best things you can do is to ask for and accept help. This one’s a tough one for me. But like anything else, it just takes getting use to the more you do it. Asking for help can empower you to either take care of yourself or free you up to do something else. It also helps build community. Likewise, another suggestion is to reach out and text someone to see how they’re doing, or to say something affirming to them. Again, it opens up the opportunity to build community and a good support system.  All it takes is one text or phone call. Check out more on my Instagram account @eatsleepplayblog  or join the challenge with the hashtag #365daysofselfcare. I usually post there first!      

#365daysofselfcare Day 17: Have a picnic in your living room

Had to cancel your date night? Can’t find someone to watch your kid for date night? Too tired to go out? Have a picnic in your own living room after the kid’s are asleep. It was my husband’s idea, not mine, including the bottle of whiskey or scotch for staging purposes only! Check out more on my Instagram account @eatsleepplayblog  or join the challenge with the hashtag #365daysofselfcare. I usually post there first!  

#365daysofselfcare Day 3: Take A Walk

Whether you’re at work, or at home getting stuff done, you can take a breather or pause by taking a quick walk. Say 5-10 minutes. Get your head and body out of what you were doing for a moment. Check out more on my Instagram account @eatsleepplayblog  or join the challenge with the hashtag #365daysofselfcare.

365 Days of Self-Care

Each day I’ll be adding new self-care tips/hacks any one can do, to cover 365 days of the year. And I’m calling on the powers of crowd sourcing! Try taking on the #365daysofselfcare challenge: at least 1 form of self-care a day. And see how life changes for you. It’s ok if you miss a day, I know I will. But why not make it a goal to do something good for yourself each day, even if it’s something small? It’s the least you can do for yourself. Lets do this together! Add your favorite way to give yourself some TLC using the hashtag #365daysofselfcare with me @eatsleepplayblog on Instagram and tag a friend to encourage them to take on the challenge or share this resource with some one who you know could benefit from it.