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Travel: Hong Kong 2017 Recap

Ok, so I lied. Well, actually I had totally overestimated myself. I thought I’d be posting while me and my family were on vacation. But I was either too busy or tired to edit photos and write so here I am writing about it now (1 week after we came back to the bay area). I will briefly address how we combated jet lag going there, flight comparisons, and a general photographic itinerary of our first week, including some child friendly places to visit Hong Kong. We packed so much in the first week so I’ll only be covering the first. Day 1: Flight This was our 3rd time traveling to Hong Kong with our son (below the age of 4.5), and we’ve picked up a few lessons along the way about flights. The best time for us to fly out from the west coast is the red eye or midnight flight because then you and your kids can sleep for most of the flight and adjust to Hong Kong time quicker as you will arrive …

Family Photoshoot

I had the honor of doing an impromptu family session when I visited Pauline, Co-Founder of Bird & Bauble, the other day. It was actually my first family photo session. These were some of my favorites.    Thank you Pauline for letting me share some of your most tender moments with your family.  

My Favorite Place To Get Chinese Egg Tarts In Millbrae

Honey Berry If you’re a local, you’ve probably heard of this place. But if you’re visiting the Bay Area and happen to be hanging out at the Peninsula for the first time visiting friends or family, its worth stopping by here for some good old classic Chinese egg tarts that you can take to go. Kids love them! Growing up in Hong Kong, one of my favorite desserts/treats that you can get from your local bakery or dim sum restaurant are egg tarts. They’re primarily made of flour and beaten egg. And Honey Berry is my go to place for egg tarts as a weekend treat, breakfast or dessert to bring over to a friends house for a special occasion. The whole reason why I found Honey Berry was for their roti buns (which i’ll save for another post) which are absolutely delicious. I soon learned they also sold egg tarts and Portuguese egg tarts. Its my go to place because my son enjoys roti buns and I enjoy egg tarts! They also sell other dessert treats like …

My son’s turning 3 and it’s terrifying!

It’s time to write a mommy update. The last time I actually wrote about motherhood/parenting was a few months ago and with all the recent developments, I thought now would be a good time. Just a reminder: I’m never going to sugar coat my experiences. Here you’re going to get the raw and ugly sides of my motherhood experience, as well as the fabulous and sweet moments. Like the title of this post suggests, my son O is turning 3 this month and here’s what I have to say about it: I’m terrified. Why? Well, you’ve probably heard about the “terrible two’s”, but how about the “terrifying three’s”? We (my husband and I) were kind of hoping that we would skip all of that and have ourselves an easy going toddler from now until, well, forever? The two’s were actually “ok”. Sure he developed more of an opinion and he’s the pickiest eater ever, but he rarely ever pulled full blown temper tantrums at home or out in public. Nor did he outright refuse to listen …

Video: Toddler’s Footwork to Sandstorm

O’s dad created a video montage of O’s fancy footwork. He said that while he was filming these short clips, it looked like O was dancing. So he put them all together and slapped on some music. See what he ended up with here:   I think this will be one video I’d love to go back to whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed. It just cracks me up.    

5 things you need to know about being a new mother

I thought i’d take a few minutes tonight to share a few revelations I’ve had since becoming a mommy. Get ready to be enlightened! 1. You find time to write a post about being a mommy, somewhere between 10pm after your toddler falls asleep and midnight. These things don’t write themselves, and during the day you’ve got a toddler/puppy dog coming after you every 5 minutes. Other things you do between 10pm and midnight are, watch youtube videos, catch up on 1-2 episodes of Project Runway, or watch 2 movies on Netflix, use the bathroom and eating what ever you want! You can sometimes fit a shower in as well, but its not high priority. This is your golden time. 2. You now cry every time you watch a movie with a baby in it…like Three Men and a Baby. 3. To add some excitement to your day, you are on AMAZON ordering random baby/toddler stuff (things you can get at target, super markets, car seat companies etc.). The exciting part is forgetting what you ordered and not knowing …


Did some research today on other mommy blogs. I am definitely a novice when it comes to mommy blogs. I realized other mommy blogs don’t share their full names, names of their kids, or even the name of their husband. So I had to quickly go through all of my site and try to catch anything where I’ve done any of the above and change my son’s name to “Toddler”. Luckily I caught this early on. It makes a lot of sense when you’re posting things into the public where anyone can read your ‘stuff’.  I immediately also thought of his future or worse yet – child predators.  Thought I should do a better job of protecting his privacy. Come to think of it, this should also apply on facebook (Even though my privacy settings are pretty strong). Anyone else share these thoughts? I’d like to come up with a better alias than “Toddler”…. If you see me use strange aliases in my future posts, you’ll know why.      

Driving for a nap – probably shouldn’t do this

  It’s 10:30pm on a Friday night. I just put Toddler to sleep a few minutes ago, and I’m about to crash, but I thought I’d take a few minutes share a dilemma I’ve had these last few days. It’s a common problem, and here’s my problem solving process. Dilemma: Toddler is tired, but for some reason (maybe because he pooped), he doesn’t go down for his nap. This happened for the last two days and then today. Solution A: Leave him alone. Let him be really tired, crabby, and finally crash right before dinner. Solution B: Drive him around in my car until he falls asleep and wakes up (approx 1-2 hours). Neither sounded that great to me at the time, but I chose solution B. The reasoning for this stemmed from when Toddler was just born. I was obsessed about his naps. He had to have his naps, every day at the right time. And I’d do anything to get it done. My research showed that babies need a certain amount of sleep at every stage of their …